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Taking the first step to decorating your home in the western style will give a whole new aspect to where you live, especially if you begin with a southwest rug. The rugged, but colorful and relaxed feeling these rugs impart bring the old west to life. Native Americans of the southwest have always been known for their skill in weaving rugs. The designs and patterns of these rugs are known and appreciated around the entire world. No other style is so redolent of the desert and the people of the area than that reflected in these rugs.

Deciding to decorate your home or cabin in the southwest style will bring the character of that rugged, yet beautiful place to any room. The rug can rightly be considered the foundation of any decorating scheme and is usually one of the first things anyone notices when entering a room. A southwestern rug will set the theme for your home in a unique and interesting way and will unify the decorating theme you have chosen for your home. There are many color schemes from which to choose from the subtle, cool colors of the desert to the dramatic colors of the costumes of Native American dancers. Regardless of which southwestern rug you decide on, it will accent and beautify your home.

It is very common for Native Americans to use sand paintings in their healing and spiritual ceremonies. These beautiful designs are made with different colors of sand and give great meaning to these people. The colors of the sky, at dawn, sunset, and stormy are often reflected in these sand paintings, and these vibrant, soothing colors and patterns have now been transferred to southwestern rugs. Some of these rugs have even taken the intense blue of the desert sky. Take some of the mystery and beauty of the pueblo and desert and bring it right into your home with a southwestern rug.

You will find that southwestern rugs are generally found in three sizes, small, medium, and large runners and rugs. These rugs will evoke images of the Old West as well as make any room more colorful. A small southwestern rug will provide an accent near a bed, a sofa, or a chair. A large runner can make your living room or bedroom take on the essence of the old west while the medium sized rug can be used to link elements in any room. A southwestern rug, in whatever size you choose will help to give your home the feeling of the ranch or mountain cabin.

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