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synlink announced uLCD – 32PT beds, a 3.2 “QVGA 65K Color TFT LCD’s with integrated intelligent touch-screen and graphics processors TFT. with a serial interface, users can now easily add a graphic display of microprocessor-based products . uLCD – 32PT provide convenient and flexible embedded graphics, text, images, animation, and countless more features, all built in the uLCD – 32PT. all related functions to use the screen by sending a simple serial interface protocol.

uLCD – 32PT designed to be straight out of the box out of the box, simplifying the development, and significantly reduce costs and shorten time to market. uLCD – 32PT display is a high quality, low-cost 3.2 “, 240 × 320 pixels, 65K color TFT – LCD and an integrated 4-wire resistive touch screen panel. a simple 5-pin connector provides an interface that almost all host device and supports external SD memory images, video clips, fonts, and common data recording / μSD memory cards. Additionally, the module includes a dedicated audio PWM pin, support FAT16 audio WAV files and complex sound generation, on-board audio amplifier and speaker, 2 × 30’s I / O expansion, 4.0V to 5.0V operating range, for all Windows fonts and character support PIN head.

Two uLCD – 32PT versions to choose from: uLCD – 32PT (graphics) is an independent application, and uLCD – 32PT (SGC) of the serial lcd driver, microprocessor-based device, so that the display module can be used as a slave device in the external host to send all screen related functions using a simple serial protocol. Picasso – GFX2 chip uLCD – 32PT (graphics) display allows the user to write embedded applications 4DGL, high dimensional graphic language, which has similar syntax, such as BASIC, C and Pascal popular language. 4DGL enables users to develop applications to run on the display of independence and allow access to the Picasso – GFX2 graphics chip additional functions. uLCD – 32PT (graphics), including the user code memory 15,000 K bytes of flash memory and fourth bytes of SRAM user variables, 13 GPIO pins, and a master I2C interface and eight 16-bit timer resolution 1 ms . 4DGL – Workshop3 – a comprehensive IDE, including editing, compiler, linker, download a free full 4DGL development and application. The installation of four units with 3mm hole closing tag provides mechanical support.

To uLCD – 32PT general embedded applications, including graphics, electronic instruments, meters, test and measurement equipment, industrial control and robotics, GPS navigation systems, medical equipment, smart home automation, security and access control systems, gaming devices, etc.



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