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The Sony RDR-HX790 is a superb and efficient high definition DVD recorder and player. It provides a solid built-in 160GB capacity hard disk, with a capacity of 160 GB. This storage capacity power indicates that the user can record more movies, songs, TV shows and other digital content that they desire. Here are the other unique features of the RDRHXD790.

Reliable 120 GB Capacity

The Sony RDR-HXD790B features a reliable 120GB capacity, which makes it capable of recording up to 340 hours of movies, music and other digital into its hard disk drive.

Provides Picture Support For JPEG Files

The Sony RDR-HXD790 also provides proven picture support for JPEG files, which means that it can store photos that are burned on a CD or stored in an external hard drive. It also supports DiVX and mp3 files.

Delivering Digital Channels In Full Clarity

This Sony DVD recorder also features an Integrated Digital and Analogue Tuner, which is capable if delivering clear digital-quality channels. It also includes an Electronic Programme Guide, which offers a simple, three-step screen timer programming mode and TV guide.

Powered By The BRAVIA Sync

This Sony DVD player also features the BRAVIA Sync, which allows users to relax, and take control of other devices such as a Blu-Ray disc player or Camcorder, by simply using the TV set’s remote control. If your Blu-Ray Disc Player is attached to your TV through HDMI, you can easily click on the remote control to view the pictures or movies that are stored on the device.

HDMI Provides Exhilarating Pictures And Sounds

The TV set’s HDMI, or High Definition Multimedia Interface is designed to allow you to view movies, music and games at a higher, more breathtaking level. The HDMI feature works well with Blu-Ray disc player and the PlayStation 3 console, allowing you to get sharper and more real-life images

The Sony RDR-HXD790 also comes equipped with 2 USB ports for connecting the PictBridge compatible printer, digital camera and different USB storage devices. Its other notable features include the X-Pict Story, which is a more-improved Photo Slide Show capability that allows users to frame their photos using the desired look and feel along with the desired sound and transition effects. It also comes armed with a Series Link, which allows users to automatically record all their favourite TV shows, so that they won’t miss a single episode all season round.

Overall, the Sony RDR-HXD790 is a good buy, despite a number of minimal drawbacks, and is truly worth more than its affordable price. With its wide array of notable of technological features, the price can be considered to be truly reasonable. The product measures 7.65 x 43 x 28.8 cm, and weighs 4.7 kg.

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