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When SamCoronado or a fine arts student, he’s a friend gave him this advice: “You’d better find a other job, or you are going to be starved to death.” Because of fear of being made a friend China, Coronado took part in the drawing course, students learn the skills with which to maintain a normal life, and in the evening’s free time for art.

Coronado’s artistic life began in 1969, he was hired as a technical guide TexasInstruments. Also Since then, he gradually raised his studio art and Latin American art screen wide attention, and his works of art are often sent to the United States, Mexico, Europe and Africa, were on display.

Coronado to Austin, Texas, as his hometown, because he was there in 1983 established a partnership with another Mexic-Arte Museum. Mexic-Arte’s purpose is to make the public understand the art of Mexico and Latin America, then, the museum is the official Texas Art Museum of Mexico and Latin America replaced. Coronado since 1986 as a museum and school art teacher and make a speech. He is currently the Austin Community College visual information sector experts.

Coronado in 1991, established the CoronadoStudio, which he devoted to the painting studio. In 1992, Self-HelpGraphics Arts Center after the visit, Coronado on an interest in screen printing technology. He said: “The visit was lit in my current enthusiasm for the cause. I brought this art form in Texas, and in my painting studio set up a factory, now it has become a printmaking studio. “

Been Coronado’s favorite painting, but he thought more suitable for him to do screen printing?? Many visitors to his studio the artist also agree with that. He said: “What is surprising is that we can produce almost exactly the same with paintings, printed materials. We have helped many artists to copy their works. They sometimes did not believe he can print out the page with the original so close. In fact, this depends entirely on the artists themselves and their style. If they know how to color separation, you can get a work full control of production. “

Coronado said he will be the main reason why the energy transferred to the screen printing, to a certain extent, Latin American artists to give an opportunity to study printmaking. His studio became a delivery platform for Latin America, the artist’s wishes. What is the voice of Latin American artists? It’s like a work of art, it truly is all conjecture. However, from Coronado’s point of view, it represents the culture of Mexico southwest of Mexico for the United States – the United States, the impact of Chicano and Latin American artists.

Coronado said: “You can see works of art many of these effects, even in person than you get a trip to Mexico even more. In Mexico, many sculptures and cultural impacts have become a hand- A representative of arts. “

Although the main objective of this work is to listen to the voices of Latin American Art, but also welcome other areas of Coronado printing house to his workshop. So it is not in the studio producing a screen print of every description are Latin American or Mexican – American life.

Studio Coronado studio equipment is very simple?? Are mainly produced by the family. It has a CincinnatiOne-ManSqueegee system, but to visit the studios of the artists are very much like the feeling of hand-printed drag. Despite limited resources can not let this studio equipment to buy Coronado favorite, but he contributed out of their computers, and ensure that all working people here can use them. These computers can help artists to their digital works fine mesh into print.

The studio is basically only use water-based ink. It let people print product formula for simpler and more environmentally friendly cleaning and drying. CoventryRag Coronado Studios is the most commonly used screen printing substrates. Its pH value is neutral, 100% cotton material, and has good texture and smoothness, allowing the artist to the surface properties of paper and art works perfectly together.

Coronado studio all employees are part-time, they have administrative assistants, accounting, technical director and internship staff. Internship program staff are informal. Candidates usually come from local universities, three each semester internship arranged two tasks. Coronado said: “They are true love screen printing of young people who want to learn from us the real art, and continue down the road according to its own.”

Coronado studio can make any of the three printing heads a collaboration of artists come to visit. It will be printed under the artist’s style and experience and will charge them together. Some good technical director of high-precision printing images, and some techniques of digital image processing charge has extensive work experience, Coronado requires not only their own print head with a bachelor’s degree and at least work in this area for more than 6 years . They need to pay for the work, but some projects also need contributions in kind.

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