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As the health world continues to have an increased interest in glutathione, it becomes more important that the facts become clear. Glutathione is important and vital to maintaining health and preventing common human diseases, however, there are a few factors that influence how glutathione is produced and if it can be made. As with all things in the body, glutathione chemistry is linked with other chemical reactions and processes; if all aspects are not supported, the reaction is greatly minimized. Max GXL offers a comprehensive formula that can produce increases in glutathione and changes in body chemistry.

Glutathione production is reliant on having the precursors of this production. As a tripeptide, glutathione is made up of amino acids. However the ability of the body to put those amino acids together into the 100 step chemical reaction that produces Glutathione is reliant on nutrients. Many of these are commonly found in vitamins, foods and supplements but how they are combined, their concentrations a nd the way that they interact is key. In Max GXL, the nutrients are together in a form that produces an alchemical relationship. This is similar to the way that Chinese herbs are combined in classical Chinese herbal medicine. The sum is greater than the parts because the effect is not in what the single components do themselves, but in how they interact as a group. This is key in Max GXL and is why other formulations cannot accomplish the same results.

Production of glutathione is dependant on ATP (adenosine triphosphate) and ATP is dependant on Glutathione. This is where so many other formulations cannot accomplish real change. ATP is the basic unit of energy in the cell. We use ATP for thinking, breathing, moving, even sleeping uses ATP. Over time if our bodies develop a shortage of ATP and have difficulty maintaining production, the end result is lower cellular energy available for basic body processes. This means that even the simplest of activities may not have the energy production required to accomplish the task. Over time if this kind of deficit continues, the body begins to prioritize needs in the body. Processes vital to survival are given priority and those of less importance are relegated very little ATP to use. This is the process by which people become tired, fatigued, and in pain. It is a cycle that has no end because unless the ATP production is enhanced, there is no avenue by which production increases again. Max GXL helps the body to replace the Glutathione needed to make more ATP and the formula has a design that helps replenish ATP to make more glutathione; no other supplement can do both things simultaneously.

If you increase Glutathione, your body and your cells maintain energy sufficient for regulating chemical processes that will decrease inflammation, increase cellular energy production and help maintain biochemistry needed for long lasting good health.

Dr. Julie TwoMoon is a naturopathic medical doctor with a degree from the National College of Natural Medicine in Portland, Oregon. She also holds a masters of science of oriental medicine. More about Dr. TwoMoon can be found at http://www.breathingwaters.net.