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“Consider the most effective method of mastering any skill of continuous practise under professional instruction. Therefore the royal road to better and faster comprehension in reading is simply reading, reading and more reading under expert guidance. The article will guide you for five indispensable techniques that will sharpen your comprehension skill, build your self- assurance and skill in of dominating a page of point, and permanently increase your reading efficiency and speed.
Reading more and for longer period of time. Method of reading an entire novel or a complete magazine in a single evening are discussed, taught and encouraged. A greately expanded list of current books in many areas of knowledge including mysteries and science fictions is provided. Reading always and everything with a calm sure confident sense of urgency. Pages after pages sessions after sessions exercise after exercises; you will learn how to avoid dawdling and daydreaming as you read.
You may thus conquer, once and for all, any slightest tendency you may now have to mind wander through pages of print with little or no comprehension. Reading with a keen awareness of the structure of a piece of writing. Selections from magazines, newspapers and textbooks are thoroughly analyzed. You quickly become familiar with how a writer structure material. You learn how to look for, and how to find comprehension clues to a writers pattern of thinking.
You gain ever increasing skill in distinguishing main idea from supporting details. You discover the difference between the theme of a selection and the variation of the theme you become adapt in skimming what can be profitably skimmed at scanning what requires no more that superficial scanning and at paying close attention and central in a page of print. By Reading flexibly you practice your rate and style of reading to what you read and to your purpose of reading it. You gain skill in suiting your techniques of to the type of material you read.

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