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Construction foreman, team leaders and supervisors who have responsibility for other workers at a job site should consider taking an advanced training course to gain Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) certification. These courses provide a supervisor with a thorough education in the regulations and requirements regarding workplace safety. The OSHA 30 training is an extensive course that gives a worker credit for 30 hours of education upon completion. A certificate is given to all persons completing the course and a Department of Labor card will be sent to all successful students after completion. These certifications allow the worker to meet the continuing education requirements of the agency.

The OSHA 30 training course for construction workers is a comprehensive course that goes into detail regarding the safety codes, identifying safety issues at a worksite, reporting and record keeping and remedial actions. The curriculum is set by governmental standards and all courses must be approved by the government agency before certification can be given. All courses are taught by trainers who themselves have passed a government course and shown the requisite knowledge to become a trainer.

The OSHA 30 training course presents several advanced sections regarding workplace safety. Some areas covered in the program include the safe use of motor vehicles at a worksite. Identifying and safely handling lead at a worksite and fire protection. Supervisors and foremen are also trained in proper recordkeeping and completion of all required forms and paperwork relating to workplace safety. Proper procedures for the handling and disposal of hazardous materials, including asbestos are discussed in one course module. Special attention is given to certain hazardous activities that may cause injury.

A standard 30-hour curriculum for construction trades workers will include safety around excavations and tunnels and the safe use of explosives at a worksite. These are all extra hazardous situations that require heightened attention. Time is spent in keeping records of hazardous situations and accounting for all tools and explosives used. Inventory control and reporting is also taught. All students also learn about required safety equipment at a workplace.

From the use of safety goggles and steel toed shoes to proper harnessing at heights is discussed in an OSHA 30 training curriculum. All workers are educated about the necessities of taking precautions to protect themselves from hearing loss and impaired vision from workplace hazards.

The OSHA 30 training course provides a comprehensive education into OSHA regulations as they pertain to construction worksites. Persons completing the course will be able to identify, remediate and report any hazardous situation. All courses will meet the requirements of Department of Labor continuing education.

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